Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Compaq Presario CQ35 Windows XP Audio Driver and Installation

This Guide will show you how to manually install Audio Driver in CQ35 in Windows XP.

I. Notes

II. File and Driver.

III. Extracting Files

IV. Installations
      a) Direct Install
      b) Manual Install

1. I strongly recommend using windows XP Service pack 2 (SP2). However for SP3 there are patch for you guys so you do not have to revert back to SP2.
2. Make sure you already install the chipset Driver. If not get it here:


1. MS-UAA(filename: KB888111xpsp2_en):
Windows XP SP2: Download (KB888111)
Windows XP SP3: Download (KB835221)
   for xp sp3 recomend to install this MS-UAA: Download
2. IDT High definition Audio: IDT 92HD75B1/92HD75B2 @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 : Download
3. Patch (For win XP SP3) : Download
4. WinRar : to extract the driver files : Download - and install (chose the free version)
(if you already have it then no need for second time install)

Download all the file and put them together in folder. I suggest make a folder on your desktop and name it as CQ35 AUDIO.

III: Extracting Files

1. Now after you put all the files in a folder. Extract all the files. You need Winrar software to do that. look at the picture below.

So you will get 3. folders.

 OK, not all 3 folder we will use, we will use only the IDT audio folder later on in case direct install failed, and the AUDIODRV folder for win XP SP3. why I'm asking to extract all three? to make sure all driver package you downloaded are working, if you can't extract mean the file is corrupt (or due to unfinished download) so you need to re-download the files.


a) Direct install (if failed proceed to B)
1. Install MS-UAA (KB888111XPSP2-EN)by double click on it and restart.
2. Install Audio Drivers (double click on CQ35_IDTAudio_sp42717) and continue with on screen instruction.
3. restart and you sound should work. For XP sp3 apply patch and restart.

b) Manual Install
1. Make sure you already install MS-UAA and restart.
2. Open device manager by click start select run and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press OK

3. A device manager will appear, look at the Audio With yellow.

4. Right click on the audio with yellow mark and select update Driver.
5. Select no at the welcome to the hardware update wizard.

 6. Select Advance

 7. Select the last option ' don't search i will choose the driver to install.

8 . Select next and select have disk then select browse.

9. Now look at the driver folder and open the CQ35_IDT - WDM - WinXP  and select theSTHDA,INF file. (note: STHDA64 is for 64bit operating system)

10. Select open and ok, select next and ignore if it complaints.
11. Restart after finish.

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